Event| 13 June 2024

Sick Industry Day 2024 Surabaya Showcases Cutting-Edge Industrial Technologies

PT Master Cipta Sentosa in collaboration with Sick Sensor Intelligence is hosting a major event titled "Sick Industry Day 2024". The event serves as a platform for the latest innovations and technologies in the industrial sector, taking place in Surabaya on June 13, 2024.

This event offers a unique experience for participants to explore various advanced technological solutions through the Market Place session. Participants are invited to interact directly with cutting-edge technologies at several stations, including:

1. Quality Control
This station demonstrates how sensor technology and data processing systems can enhance accuracy and reliability in production processes.

Safety And Mobile Robot Automation
Workplace safety and mobile robot automation are the primary focus at this station. Participants gain insights into the use of mobile robots to improve operational efficiency and safety in industrial environments.

2. Machine Efficiency
The Machine Efficiency station showcases the latest technologies in improving production machine efficiency. Visitors can understand how real-time monitoring and data analysis optimize machine performance.

3. Track and Trace
This station introduces advanced tracking and tracing systems, enabling manufacturers to manage supply chains more effectively and transparently, while enhancing compliance with regulations.

4. WIP/Localization
In this station, participants explore Work In Progress (WIP) and localization technologies, which help manage inventory and production processes more efficiently, including product localization strategies within factory environments.

This event not only provides deep insights into the latest technologies but also offers opportunities for direct interaction with industry experts and practitioners. Participants can explore new potentials in digital transformation and enhance the competitiveness of their companies in an increasingly competitive global market.