As an official distributor of SICK, PT. Master Cipta Sentosa is committed to providing cutting-edge solutions in modern traffic management across various transportation sectors, including roads, railways, and maritime routes. Our primary focus lies in ensuring safety, efficiency, and environmental conservation. We understand that effective traffic management requires reliable control and monitoring systems.

With SICK's robust product portfolio, PT. Master Cipta Sentosa offers leading sensor solutions that have been field-tested both indoors and outdoors. Our laser measurement systems accurately classify vehicles as an integral part of road toll systems. Our automated light grids reliably detect the presence of individuals at railway doors, enhancing safety and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, we provide advanced dust measurement devices and gas analysis tools to measure pollutant concentrations in tunnel areas, contributing to the creation of a cleaner and safer environment. Our innovative product portfolio, coupled with SICK's global sales and service support, makes us a reliable and trusted partner.

As an official SICK distributor, PT. Master Cipta Sentosa takes pride in assisting our customers in adopting the latest traffic data acquisition technologies, making their journeys safer, more efficient, and sustainable.