Precise, non-contact axle counting with overhead mounting

           With electronic toll collection systems, not only the toll route, but also the vehicle type is a decisive factor when determining the toll charge. In addition to the vehicle size and vehicle profile, the number of axles is used as a reliable variable for accurate specification of vehicle classes.

        The Axle Counter, an additional module for the TIC102, TIC502 and Free Flow Profiler profiling systems from SICK, is perfectly suited to this task. It enables the precise detection and counting of vehicle axles, even on multi-lane roads and in free-flowing traffic. To achieve this high accuracy, the sensors have been programmed with state-of-the-art Deep Learning algorithms and trained extensively.

       In contrast to loops, the overhead mounted camera sensors are not subjected to any mechanical loads and therefore have an extremely long service life. Furthermore, the sensors are easily accessible when servicing is required.

            A suitable infrared illumination ensures the sensors function equally well by day or by night.

Making traffic routes more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly