Monitoring train doors

         The SLG Smart Light Grid prevents train doors from closing when a person or object is located between the door panels. The slim design of the SGS and the two options for optical light emission (slim or flat) mean that inconspicuous, barrier-free mounting on train doors is possible. The flexible plastic housing of the SLG allows for use even if train doors are bent.

  • Variable monitoring lengths from 120 mm to 1,400 mm (in 160 mm increments)
  • Operating range 7 m
  • Response time 18 ms
  • Resolution 45 mm to 25 mm
  • Order-picking with bright job LEDS on the sender and receiver sides
  • IP 65 protection class
  • Ambient light immunity up to 150,000 lux


Making traffic routes more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly