Measurement of clearance

         During routine maintenance, it must be determined if objects such as branches are too close to or even extend into the clearance outline of trains. Multiple LMS511 2D LiDAR sensors are mounted on an inspection vehicle. These can be synchronized. The individual measuring points are uniquely assigned in space for a precise measurement even at high speeds or at a very high angular resolution.





  • Factory-calibrated 3D measurements in millimeters at full production speed.
  • Highly accurate 3D measurements for widths from 100 mm up to 1.5 m.
  • Capture 3D, grayscale, and scatter simultaneously.
  • Easy to integrate without the need for external illumination.
  • Rugged housing for harsh environments and temperatures as low as –30 °C.
  • Remote operation over long cabling distances with Gigabit Ethernet.



  • Powerful, efficient 2D LiDAR sensor for measuring ranges up to 80 m.
  • Excellent performance even under unfavorable weather conditions due to multi-echo technology.
  • Compact housing up to enclosure rating IP 67 and integrated heating for outdoor devices.
  • Low power consumption.
  • Quick signal processing.
  • Several inputs and outputs.
  • Synchronization of several sensors possible.


Making traffic routes more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly