In-situ measurement of visibility

         Particles such as dust and soot, as well as tire and break wear limit visibility in tunnels. Tunnel sensors from SICK, including the VISIC100SF and VICOTEC320, continuously and directly monitor the tunnel atmosphere and visibility. The measured values are used for accurate, reliable control of the tunnel ventilation. In addition, the VISIC100SF tunnel sensor from SICK for in situ measurement of visibility has no moving or wear parts and is nearly maintenance-free.

  • Very low detection limits for NO and NO2
  • Automatic function monitoring and self-adjustment
  • Very rugged design in stainless steel
  • Automatic beam alignment between sender/receiver unit and reflector
  • Visibility (K value) measured according to the scattered light measurement principle
  • CO and NO concentration measured using electrochemical sensors in accordance with EN 50545
  • Software developed in accordance with EN 61508 (SIL1)
  • Highly reliable – no moving parts
  • Combines visibility measurement with two different gas measurements
  • IP 6K9K enclosure rating thanks to a rugged stainless-steel housing
  • Fog compensation through integrated heating (option)


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