Detection of vehicles that are too high

      To protect bridges and tunnel portals, overheight vehicles must be reliably detected. However, exceptions for antennas and other small objects must be made. The HISIC450 overheight detector features a corrosion-proof housing that can be used in and around tunnel systems in harsh atmospheres. A large light spot and high light reserve via the transmitter / receiver principle allow use even in poor weather conditions. Plus, its immunity to ambient light ensures false alarms are avoided.

  • Aluminum enclosure with anti-corrosion coating and high enclosure rating
  • Built-in lens heaters to prevent condensation or icing
  • Weather protection against snow, rain and dust clouds
  • Accessories (weather hood and mounting bracket) made of stainless steel
  • Sensitivity adjustment
  • Insensitive to ambient light


Making traffic routes more efficient, safer, and environmentally friendly