Material handling is integral in maintaining productivity, and it involves far more than handling inventory. It entails moving, storing, controlling, and protecting materials throughout their lifespan. Material handling takes place throughout every stage of a material’s life cycle from manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution to consumption and disposal. Material handling comes with many benefits, such as the ability to assist with forecasting, production planning, resource allocation, inventory management and control, delivery to consumers, and certain after-sales services. Megadyne’s extensive experience is crucial in the Material Handling market which is all about precise positioning and placement. With a broad portfolio of belt types, process capabilities and material options Megadyne belts are used in general conveying, specialty handling and high speed bi-directional lifting applications.

Material Handling Systems

          Successful material handling systems require many different components to achieve efficient results. Material handling systems assist with sorting products in distribution centers. They are highly automated to optimize the productivity and efficiency of a variety of operations. Properly implemented and well-designed material handling solutions reduce operational costs and improve services for a wide range of businesses.

Megadyne's Material Handling Solutions

          The experts at Megadyne continue to keep pace with the rapid developments in the material handling industry. As a result, we have expanded our selection of conveyor and polyurethane timing belts to meet this industry's specific requirements and overcome its various challenges. The latest in our line of top-quality products is Megalinear QST, which offers perfect tracking, positive drive, and minimal noise. 

Applications that benefit from our innovative solutions include:

Automated Storage Retrieval System (ASRS)

          Large Warehouse and Distribution centers use computer aided technology to move and store small and large goods being inventoried. Megadyne high strength synchronous belts are used in both single and double mast fixed aisle lift systems,as well as on gantry cranes and carousel systems.

Transport Platform

          As part of the ASRS systems, transport platforms are used to shuttle the goods being stored from the lifting apparatus to the storage rack. Timing belts with high friction, wear resistant covers are used to telescope products into the dedicated storage location.

Offloading & Delivery Conveyors

          Offloading and delivery conveyors are typically fitted with at belts, however multiple path polyurethane timing and rubber belts with high friction covers are also common. Special cover materials are available on belts used where accumulation occurs.


          In today's warehousing and distribution environments, offloading of product for specific fulfillment needs can be accomplished with high friction belt right angle diverters. Starting with a base synchronous belt, we offer a broad range of high friction cover surfaces. From Megalinear joined polyurethane synchronous belts and Mega ex truly endless polyurethane synchronous belts with TPU smooth covers, to rubber synchronous belts with homogeneous covers, along with specialty cover materials like DuraTaq® high friction.

Pallet Conveyor

          Pallet Handling Conveyors are designed to move light to heavy loads in a precise, flexible manner. Used in warehouse picking and delivery systems or in assembly operations in a number of manufacturing environments. Starting with a base synchronous belt, we offer a broad range of high friction cover surfaces.

Roller Conveyor

        Timing belts or poly-v rib belts are commonly used on roller conveyors. On the external side of the roller, power transmission belts deliver power from the motor to the main driven conveyor roller. From this stage rollers are interconnected by either timing belts or poly-v rib belts, some of which can be produced with elastic-stretch properties.


           Thanks to the wide range of customized and standard products in our selection, many customers trust the experts at Megadyne to provide them with the ideal material handling solution. Browse our current selection and select the right solution to meet your application's needs.

Timing Belts

We offer several timing belt options, including:

  • Isoran SILVER2: This belt is a new generation of timing belts comprised of high-quality materials that offer the highest level of resistance. The power load capacity of Isoran SILVER2 has increased by up to 50% from the previous version. The result is peak performance with any application.

  • Open End RPP Steel: Open End RPP Steel offers superior performance with EPDM rubber along with durable steel reinforcement. It's ideal for use in many applications requiring sufficient chemical, abrasion, temperature, and wear resistance.

  • MEGALINEAR GW: This high-performance belt consists of thermoplastic polyurethane that withstands high-load applications.

Multi-Rib Belts

For applications in need of a multi-rib belt, we offer:

  • PV Rubber Ribbed: Our J, L, and M section multi-rib V belts work well in high-ratio and fast-paced applications. PV rubber-ribbed belts are capable of running at high speeds and offer enhanced flexibility. They feature polyester cords and polybutadiene rubber construction and are designed to perform high-ratio drives, minimize noise levels, and deliver minimal vibration.

  • Megadyne carries some of the best material handling equipment available. Regardless of your specific needs, we will help you find the right material handling solution. If you would like to learn more about our product offerings, contact us to talk to one of our experts.